New York City Travel Guide: Lower Manhattan

Traveling by yourself is something I recommend doing at least once. You spend time with your friends, your family, your loved ones so why shouldn’t you with yourself? But I digress, let’s talk about NYC. This is from a recent trip where I mainly explored SoHO, Little Italy, Nolita, Bowery, etc.

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”
― Augustine of Hippo

I always take the Greyhound bus because unlike Megabus (aka hell) (not sponsored) it has an actual station it drops you off and picks you up at. Port Authority is still hell but like an upper level of it.


If you’re staying overnight, which I recommend to get the most out of the city, I promise you can do so cheaply.

  • The Pod Hotel, is a budget hotel with rooms starting around $50 in two location in the city. It’s super contemporary and encourages socializing kind of like a hostel would.
  • Airbnb. There are SO many options when it comes to Airbnb and you can stay in a specific neighborhood to get more of a local feel. For signing up you get a $35 travel credit, you can find places as low as like $25 but usually you get what you paid for. If you’re traveling with a group or want to do a photoshoot you can book an entire apartment but I usually just do the private room option and read the reviews on the host.


  • Champion Pizza (SoH0) Slices are $2, one of my person fav New York slices but the location is especially convenient if you’re going to be shopping.


  • Jars By Dani (SoHo) Okay as if the mason jar packaging isn’t cute enough, these cakes are so tasty. They have many flavors and they’re not messy because you just eat it with a spoon, they even stay good for up to 10 hours!

  • The Butcher’s Daughter (Nolita) I had to add a healthy option, eating right while traveling usually makes for a better experience. They are 100% vegetarian and non-dairy, they also have vegan options / gluten free / juices.

  • Dominique Ansel Bakery (SoHo) Can you tell I have a sweet tooth? Okay but this where THE cronut was created, a delightful mix of donut and croissant that might change your life. Also a fav, the cookie shot with milk or the hot chocolate with blossoming flower.


    If you just walk along Broadway and it’s side streets you’ll find more than enough to fulfill your shopping fix. To rattle off a few: Birchbox, Moleskine, Topshop, Zara, Brand Melville, Aritzia, Free People, Necessary Clothing, Reformation, Opening Ceremony. So do your research before because there are many shops there that aren’t nation wide. 

  • Tictail Market “A curated selection of art, fashion, and home design from Tictail’s global online marketplace featuring the world’s best independent brands.” 

  • Broadway Market Co. A unique beautiful place where various vendors come to sell their art / goods /etc. There is also usually a cafe and other food in the back. 

  • Housing Works Bookstore / Cafe / Thrift  Not only is this place adorable and unique, it supports great causes such as homelessness and AIDS. 


    Lower Manhattan, especially SoHo and Chinatown, have lots of intriguing street art from artistic to political. I’ll have a whole post on this coming but here’s some of my recent favorites.

  • Williamsburgh Bridge / John V. Lindsay East River Park In the warmer months you could definetely walk or bike across the bridge itself to get to Brooklyn but the park provides a beautiful view and if you’re lucky enough you’ll get to pet some dogs. 

  • The Drawing Center (SoHo) A relaxing lil museum with only $5 admission! 

  • Art Galleries / Pop Up Shops This area has a lot of culture to it so if you’re into art, look up galleries online before going. At night many of them have out snacks / beverages! Also pop up shops are fun and usually super creative / interactive. 

  • Jimmy At The James (SoHo) This is actually a hotel but the rooftop has a bar and pool and gorgeous view open to the public. 



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