fashion freaks me out: clashing?

*Disclaimer: The thing with having a blog is I get to start punny series without literally anyone stopping me, I am sorry in advance.

Is clashing cute? Probably not but it’s kinda fun.

So here’s the deal some days I feel really punk, like I am listening to old Green Day records and fighting patriarchy but then I also want to eat chocolate pudding and watch The Brady Bunch re-runs while knitting. So to visually represent my mixing of youthful rebellion and old soul tendencies I came up with this maybe awful outfit which you don’t have to like.

  • Shoes: T.U.K Black Wingtip Leather Boot 
  • Leggings and Backpack: they sold out just like your old favorite indie band (this is a joke) (who let me start this thing)
  • Top: Depop. I searched the word “grandma” and got this for $8. Great app. user: @poodertown






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