Fashion Inspo Board: Spring ’17

Okay all the fashion weeks are happening but who has time to keep up with all the shows?So this is a collection of mood / inspo / trend boards I am using to build my dream Spring wardrobe. Some brands are higher end but this gives me an idea of what I want to find cheap alternatives for. I’ll post all the links at the bottom of each section to make it easier. Comment your favorite look to try this spring! Find more inspo on Pinterest board.


Roses / Embroidery

This is definitely more of a trend but if you adore it like me it’s worth splurging for. You can also get creative and DIY some pieces you already own by order appliqués or patches from sites like etsy, ebay, and amazon. I think it be sick to buy an appliqué and sew it on to band merch so…stay tuned.

Sneakers   Notebook   Skirt   Shirt   Booties


I am so here for making fishnets a casual fashion item. Going to McDonalds? The Library? Throw on some fishnets under your jeans and you are ready to take over the world! If you’re not ready for the full legs, try a fishnet undershirt or socks to start.

Dress   Shoes   T-Shirt Dress   Jeans   Fishnets   Fishnet Socks

Mini Backpacks

EVERYTHING IS SO CUTE WHEN IT IS MINI! I am literally that person who always going to the travel sized aisle in Target just to buy the mini things for fun. I invested in a mini backpack from Skinnydip London and it changed my life. Purses can get so bulky / awkward / annoying and I like to carry about snacks / books / my life so a mini backpack makes that so easier. It’s also perfect for day or overnight trips.

Roses   Snake   Wasted   Velvet

90s Vibe

Do I even need to say anything? Grab a Capri Sun and dress like you just invaded a thrift store, or like actually invade a thrift store.

Shoes (Puma)   Shirt   Sneakers (Nike)  


The world seems to be catching on to the slip on checkered Vans but I am here to one up that. Pants, skirts, belts; I am here for it. This pattern is so fun to pair with a pop of color. Also threw in a pic of a similar trend, the split t-shirt. Might be fun to try to DIY too!

Skirt  Pants   Shoes   Shirt

Unique Pieces

I used to be so reserved in my fashion but now I see it as a direct representation of my mood or personality. Don’t even bother to text your friend “is this cute?” when it’s an item you know you love and helps you express yourself. You are ART!

Shirt  Skirt  Jeans  Jeans (Tie-Dye)

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