b-more explorer: hampden

Brightside Boutique


This boutique can also be shopped online, but it’s a beautiful business local to Baltimore. This location is their latest and largest. All the workers are personable and helpful, bonus: sometimes there’s a pup! They sell name brands like QUAY Australia and Jac Vanek but also local artists and indie brands.



Hunting Ground


Yes, this shop is in an old church. They sell smaller / indie brands for clothing, jewelry, beauty and more. However, their specialist is vintage (buy and sell) at a decent price. I got a pair of vintage high waisted denim shorts for $22; they sell Levi’s and other very 80s / 90s etc era pieces.



Atomic Books / Celebrated Summer Records



Both of these local businesses have a lot of personality so even if you don’t want to buy anything they are worth browsing. The book store carries zines, comics, and memorabilia on top of books AND has a bar / arcade area in the back. The record store has mainly Punk, Hardcore, Jazz, Soul and Indie Rock vinyl. The owner and his friends make really creative / fun merch items I highly recommend checking out.



& More

  • Barks and Blooms (pet stuff)
  • Cafe Hon (landmark flamingo / food / touristy)
  • Charm City Chocolates
  • Cloud 9 Clothing
  • Dangerously Delicious Pies
  • Spro Coffee
  • Skatepark of Baltimore
  • The Charmery (best ice cream!)





Thanks for reading! 

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