Virtual Museum: Nicole Tillotson

welcome to a new series ! so here’s the thing, i don’t express how much i appreciate the people in my life nearly enough. i know so many beautiful / creative / talented humans!

so this is a virtual museum, an idea i have been trying out for a while. instead of walking through, you scroll through but still get to take in art and hopefully in this case the artist. i think it’s important people feel validated. being a creator and being a young person can be difficult because it feels like you’re just putting stuff into the void of social media without any real sense of your impact.

i hope this series introduces you to the everyday artists, the people that are pursuing their passions even if not for a living. the people who create because they have to. the people who you might not find in a book store or museum or magazine for a few years but are still here right now putting their art into the world. some of these people create in many different spaces and with different types of art, a reminder that we all hold so much potential we can tap into and should never limit ourselves in a world that already tries to hold us back. and oh these people don’t know i am doing this, so surprise!

Nicole Tillotson


Nicole is a LITERAL sunflower. We have never met in real life (yet) but her presence in my life is already so bright I need to make sure she can shine into yours too. She is someone who seems to try to find beauty in everything and everyone. Just from following her on social media I am encouraged by her words and passion, her honesty, her support for friends, her shameless love, her PUPS, her mom style (and hair), and more. Nicole makes me want love people more openly, express my feelings to the world without fear, and embrace all creative outlets without needing to be perfect or commitited to them.

A quote from her About Me:

“With a mix of an old soul and the typical millennial, the internet, poetry, old-school fashion, pop culture, social media, and reality shows dominate my life. Catch me anywhere at a local music venue or on the couch with pals catching up with the latest reality show.

People are so important to me, and I find delight in every aspect of life, especially in creativity, adventures, music, and antiques. Passion and love dwell deep within my soul as I aim to bring joy and a brightness to everyone’s life I encounter.”


unnamed (29)

unnamed (30)

unnamed (32)


unnamed (33)





Local Wolves (social media / writing / design)



Social Media


149316104244481 (1)

149316104244481 (2)



installing creativity (5+ hours of personally selected tunes!!)


Blog (my favs)

into the upside down // stranger things

sharing stories

“a few months ago, i was graced with the opportunity to share the story of my ADHD diagnosis on a larger platform on the mighty. after learning about the different way my brain is built, the diagnosis brought hope, clarity, and understanding into my life. whether your brain works in similar fashions to mine — or maybe not at all, hope this can help you through too.

xo, nicole”


A Collection of Italy

“Made a little photo book for my study abroad class to Italy and sharing it with you!

Enjoy! *sparkly heart*”

Generosity May Be Hurting You

“Ever feel like you give, and give, and give to others? In your time, your energy, your friendships. However, when you give so much, there’s sometimes nothing left to give to yourself when you need it most.”

thanks for existing so brightly, nicole xxx



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